Silk Screen Printing Machine

        Maximum Printing dimensions: 60 80 cm; 70 100 cm; 150 200 cm.

        Controls the blade and coating using a pneumatic system

        Capacity: 12 to 14 prints per minute

        Equipped with HMI 

        Uses the German-made motor KEB, with an electronic variable speed and an inverter for printing and coating

        Counts the prints using the PLC electronic system

        Electronically controls all parts using a streamlined timing system

        Adjusts the distance between the screen separator and the printing surface when applying coating, mineral paints and resins with high viscosity

        Uses an ideal vacuum system for applying coating and paints with high viscosity

        Adjusts the desk during work in X and Y directions

        Adjusts the desk vertically during work

        Adjusts the pressure of the blade and the squeegee

        Adjusts the course of the movement of the head and the coating using an electronic eye.

        Operates with mineral and other paints

        Uses an emergency Shut Down system.

        Can multiply apply coating for the prints requiring stronger protection

        Has two printing programs: 1) First applies coating and then prints  2) First prints and then applies coating.   



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