Machine for silk screen printing on glass (60 90) cm.  

        Silk screen printing machine with a conveyer desk for professional printing on all types of glass (glass used in heaters, security glass, etc.)

        A PLC controller and HMI

        Produces prints of the sizes 60 90 cm and 70 100 cm.

        Uses a pneumatic system for controlling the cutter and the coating

        Produces ten prints per minute

        Uses an emergency Shut Down system

        Adjusts the distance between the screen separator and the printing surface in cases of paints with considerable minerals and resins

        Uses the German-made motor KEB, with electronic variable speed and an inverter for printing and coating 

        Equipped with a wheeled desk for easily and exactly controlling of the printing zone

        An eye for controlling the safety of the glass at the end of the printing process

        An exact controller showing the situation of printing

        An exact conveyer for controlling glass for multiple printing

        Has the capability to coat the glass several times in cases where the glass is to be used in heaters.    

        Two printing programs: 1) First applies coating and then prints  2) First prints and then applies coating.



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