Six-color Flexo Printing machine   

·        Prints with gelatin and rubber plates, using a changeable cylinder

·        Prints on rolls of the width 80, 102 and 120 cm.

·        Prints on rolls of the length 30 to 105 cm.

·        Ultimate speed: 70 meters per minute

·        Can produce exact prints on both sides in two separated colors (2 + 0) and (1 + 1)

·        Can produce exact prints on both sides in four separated colors (4 + 0) (3 + 1) and (2 + 2)

·        Can produce exact prints on both sides in six separated colors (6 + 0) (5 + 1), (4 + 2) and (3 + 3)

·        Prints on cellophane, nylon, nylex, tresbaphane, propylene gunny and wide nylex used for insulation (OPP, CPP, PP, PE, ETC films)

·        Has a consistent collecting system with a dancing roller and tension control

·        Equipped with a dryer with ideal heat power compatible with the machine’s maximum speed

·        Uses an emergency Shut Down system

·        A series of printing rollers with the length of 600 mm.

·        Can exactly adjust colors on the width and length of the roll in the process of printing

·        Thickness of the body of the four-color and six-color machines: 20 mm.

·        Six hot air chambers for drying with a control valve

·        Six devices for gas suction with a control valve 

·        Crease-resistant aluminum idlers

·        A system for controlling the machine’s revs equipped with an inverter

·        A cylinder on the tram for moving ink in each printing unit

·        Uses an HMI with Persian pages, which makes it easy and exact to control lubrication times and the temperature of the drying unit

·        Uses a pneumatic jack for rapid engagement of rubber cylinders of the plastic lock

·        A PLC computer controller for controlling all parts and the winder

·        Roll winder with a tension control with an independent 4-kilowatt electromotor

·        A printing unit equipped with an independent 4-kilowatt electromotor

·        Printing units with ink pumps to spread ink evenly


Parts that could be added to machines:

·        Gas heater with an ideal heat power

·        Possibility to fit a special winder for propylene gunny


Specifications of the electric appliances used in flexographic printing machines:

·        Telemecanique contactors made in France

·        Merlin Gerin miniature fuses made in Germany

·        LG inverters made in Korea, with remote control and vector control mode

Finder relays made in Germany



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