Specifications of the machine for two-color printing on propylene gunny 

·        Prints with gelatin and rubber plates, using a changeable cylinder

·        Print width of the input rolls: 75, 100 and 120 cm.

·        Print length: 50 to 125 cm. May be increased to 180 cm.

·        Maximum speed: 90 meters per minute

·        Uses a special winder for gunny, with the diameter power of 150 cm.

·        Can produce exact prints in two separated colors (2 + 0) and (1 + 1); Can print on both sides.

·        Can print on all types of propylene gunny (ordinary and laminated gunny with excellent quality)

·        Equipped with a dryer with ideal heat power compatible with the machine’s maximum speed

·        Uses an emergency Shut Down system

·        Has a series of printing rollers with the length of 600 mm.

·        Can exactly adjust colors on the width and length of the roll in the process of printing

·        Two hot air chambers for drying

·        A central furnace for drying

·        An independent electromotor for the winder with 2 hp and an inverter controller

·        An independent electromotor for printing with 2 hp and an inverter controller

·        Can operate with rolls with a diameter of 1500 mm.


Parts that could be added:

·        A gas heater with an ideal heat power

·        Two ink pumps to spread ink evenly

·        A cylinder on the tram for moving ink in each printing unit  

·        A winder that could be fitted for printing plastic and nylon



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